Disgraceful Tanking, Doug Pederson

Disgraceful Tanking, Doug Pederson

The Sunday night game had so much promise for a great ending to what has been a crazy and tumultuous season.  The Washington Football Team was visiting the Philadelphia Eagles on the final night of the regular season, in a game with great drama.  A win by Philadelphia and the New York Giants would win the NFC East.  A win by Washington gives them the title.  For 2.5 quarters it looked like it could go either way. 

With Washington leading 17-14 late in the third quarter, enter Nate Sudfeld.  Who?  And why?

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson described the move as; “Yes, I was coaching to win.”

He didn’t explain how he was coaching to win, just that he was coaching to win. 

Nonetheless, Sudfeld entered and it was a disaster from the start.  An offense that had finally shown some signs of life in recent weeks after benching Carson Wentz for Jalen Hurts instantly went back to its pre-Hurts ways.  Sudfeld threw an interception on his first drive, fumbled on the next two and the Football Team rejoiced while the New York Giants sat on their couches with an empty feeling in their guts.

“This is sickening,” Giants wide receiver Darius Slayton said on Twitter. 

“I think the Eagles just hate us more than Washington. That’s the only thing that could make sense right?” Giants wide receiver Golden Tate said

Even the usually mild-mannered Eli Manning spoke out.

“This is why we don’t like the Eagles,” former Giants quarterback Eli Manning said.

What was really telling was the look on the faces of the Philadelphia players on the sidelines.  The offensive linemen looked defeated and puzzled while they sat on the bench, and Jalen Hurts himself was on camera muttering words that you don’t have to be a lip-reader to understand. 

You were playing to win?  Trying to move forward with a locker room of players that have now lost trust in you.  That was disgusting, bordering on career suicide.  If I were Jeffrey Lurie, I wouldn’t have let him back into the locker room following the game.  Thank goodness for him, the usually obnoxious Eagle fans were not in attendance due to the pandemic or the jail below the stadium would have been packed. 

For a city known for booing Santa Claus in the late ’60s, this was as bad as it gets.  Fire his ass, immediately!

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