Los Angeles Clippers

The Dysfunction of The Clippers

Back in the day, I had the chance to chose between the Los Angeles Lakers and The Los Angeles Clippers. Now, this was way back in the mid-’80s, and as a kid who recently relocated to Southern California the decision to roll with the Lakers was an easy one.

Fast forward some 35 years later and I’ve never regretted the Lakers’ decision, still, while living in LA I certainly kept a close eye on the Clippers over the years. While the Clippers of the past have vanished and the new era of billions of dollars worth of Microsoft dollars have poured into the team, the dysfunction of the ’80s still seems to remain an issue despite the billions of dollars owner Steve Ballmer has brought to the table.

From not being able to win with Doc Rivers as their head coach to their inability to steal a game on the road against Utah earlier in the week, this team while significantly better off from a financial and management standpoint still can’t seem to get its act together.

When Kawhi Leonard returned to LA, Clippers fans around So-Cal generally believed this was going to change things especially since Paul George was also being added to the roaster. But what has transpired to this point is the same old Clippers.

The old Clippers always struggled with talent and team chemistry. Today they have figured out the talent piece, but the team chemistry that is needed to win a title is simply not on this team. Sure the Clippers might win another series or two this year just based on talent, but the bottom line is talent can only take you so far in the playoffs and the lack of real chemistry is going to be the dysfunctional Clippers’ downfall this year.

Team chemistry is ultimately the responsibility of the coaching staff and that is something that Clippers head coach Ty Lue has not been able to create with this team. Seriously, leave it to the Clippers to finally build a highly talented team but forget about the importance of team chemistry.

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