The Bucks Made The Hawks Look Like The Washington Generals

The Bucks Made The Hawks Look Like The Washington Generals

77-45 and halftime is really all that needs to be said about tonight’s dominant performance by the Milwaukee Bucks runaway win over the Atlanta Hawks 125-91.

Head coach Mike Budenholzer is famous for his inability to make in-game adjustments, but that doesn’t mean he is not good at making game too game adjustments and that’s exactly what happened in Friday night’s win which saw the Hawks transformed into the Washington Generals. Giannis Antetokounmpo made the Hawk’s defense look they were playing in super slow motion as he dominated the paint, followed by a concerted effort of the Bucks defense to not allow Trae Young to run wild the way he did in game one of the Eastern Conference finals.

With game 3 shifting to Atlanta, you can expect a different game than we saw in game 2, but if you’re a Hawks fan you should be very concerned about what happened transpired in game 2.

Now if your betting on this series it’s hard to imagine that Budenhoizer will shift his strategy too far away from what we saw in game 2, which means the Hawks are not out of this series yet. Basically, the Bucks were way more aggressive in game 2 than the Hawks and that is a script that can certainly be flipped in game 3.

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