How In The World Is Ben Simmons Still A 76ers?

How In The World Is Ben Simmons Still A 76ers?

It all started with “trust the process” which resulted in the Philadelphie 76ers tanking for years until they had enough draft capital to build a contender. But after 4 years of having “the process” pieces in place, it’s time for the 76ers to officially move on from one of those cornerstones in Ben Simmons.

Simmons who is entering his 5th season in the NBA is not a bust, but he isn’t a clutch player either which is the issue. How can anyone forget watching Simmons pass up a wide-open layup against the Atlanta Hawks in the 76ers game 7 loss.

The issue wasn’t just that single play in game 7, but the fact that he only shot the ball 4 times and finished the game with just 5 points. Simmons who is certainly a bit of an enigma did have 13 assists in the game which makes calling him a total disappointment an unfair statement. But what is clear to everyone who has been following Simmons throughout his career is that the time has come to lower expectations of who Ben Simmons really is on the court.

Did you know that Simmons has only made five NBA 3-pointers in 4 years? That’s right, just five 3 pointers. Look Steph Curry dropped in six 3-pointers in his last game against the Memphis Grizzlies.

The bottom line is Simmons will be moved soon by the 76ers, but what is surprising is that it hasn’t happened yet which should tell you everything you need to know about how the rest of the league really views Simmons.

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