Tebow Time Has Been Over For 8 Years, Now It's Official

Tebow Time Has Been Over For 8 Years, Now It’s Official

The curious case of Tim Tebow involves everything from a miraculous Denver Bronco playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2012, to batting under 225 in double a ball for the New York Mets, to being granted a favor from his college coach to try out for the Jacksonville Jaguars at tightened.

All along the way, Tebow has been widely regarded as one of the nicest guys in sports which actually suited him well during his one and off tenure at ESPN analyzing college football games. Something, that Tim is really good at and hopefully will return to this fall.

As for all the critics who complained that Tebow was even giving a chance after being absent from the NFL for the past 8 years, clearly, they knew what they are talking about.

Still, if your Tim Tebow sitting at home and your former college football coach calls you up to see if you’d be interested in trying out for his team after being away from the NFL for 8 seasons, well that was probably something that Tebow could not refuse.

Seriously, how many times do you think Tebow has watched Keanu Reeves comeback in The Replacements? I’ll take the over on 25.

I believe Tebow is one of those guys that thinks he can do anything and in his heart, he probably believes it, even if the tape doesn’t lie.

Tebow’s statement basically sums everything up you need to know about the guy. Now the Jacksonville Jaguars need to desperately turn their attention to figuring out how to protect Trevor Lawerance with one of the worst o-lines in the game. Lawerance is pro-ready, unfortunately, the o-line isn’t and the Jags need to protect him before he ends up beat up like Joe Burrow did last year.

As for Tebow, a few words of advice; when the new USFL calls don’t answer the phone unless it’s for a coaching job. If another NFL team calls, don’t answer, they are just trying to sell t-shirts. But when ESPN calls, take the call because you have turned into a darn good broadcaster.

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