Down Goes Aaron Rodgers, His Ego, and the Packers

Down Goes Aaron Rodgers, His Ego, and the Packers

The NFL season is just like the legendary 1986 movie Highlander, which pitted characters called Highlanders against each other until there was only one left.

Like in Highlander every NFL season ends with just one team on top of the mountain so it’s not surprising that Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers ended the season without a Super Bowl ring, it’s just that most people thought they would be penning these kinds of articles a little later in the playoff season.

Rodgers who appears to have strategically decided to simply be himself this year has absolutely let his crazy cat out of his hat:

* Holding the Packers hostage over player personal issues
* Threatening to retire
* Requesting a trade
* Making it seem like he would never play for the Packers again
* Showing his left foot during a press conference
* Going on the Pat McAfee show every week to stir the pot
* Lying about his vaccination status

Beyond all that, his egotistical arrogance was on full display for the entire world to see every time he found himself in front of the media. To say that he tarnished his reputation this year is actually a bit of an understatement, but he appears to not care.

Deciding to take a vaccination shot is truly an individual choice, but lying about your status is a whole different thing. At least the Vikings Kirk Cousins was upfront about his anti-vaccination status, he didn’t go out and claim he did his own research, and make it seem like he had received a vaccination.  

The amazing part is Rodgers only lost one sponsor, but I’ve got to believe that Mr. Discount Double Check is on extremely thin ice and I’m willing to bet he will do or say something during the upcoming off-season that will make it difficult for State Farm to keep him in front of the camera.  

As for football, Rodgers had another MVP season and he looked great for most of the season, but the playoffs are a completely different thing and you have to give the 49ers a ton of credit for shutting down Rodgers and their explosive offense. 

After the game, Rodgers said when asked how he was feeling “I didn’t think it was going to end like this.”

Now Rodgers has 3 options:

* Stay in Green Bay
* Force a trade
* Flat out retire 

From a pure football perspective, Rodgers has already cemented his name in the history books as the greatest regular season quarterback but after 17 seasons and 1 Super Bowl ring, he is considerably behind several other QB’s including Eli Manning…I’m just saying. 

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